Never split the difference

Chris Voss is an internationally known expert in negotiating skills and a former FBI hostage negotiator. There are many types of negotiating, including negotiating with a family member, buying a car, and working with colleagues. His book, «Never split the difference», can be valuable for all of them. In his book, the author discusses the nuances of what to say, how to say it…

There are many anecdotes in the book that illustrate how negotiations can be very successful. It is a book that should be read slowly and taken notes on. It doesn’t promise to make you a better negotiator just by reading it. The book requires re-reading, which I plan to do, and a great deal of practice.

I’ve found this list of more notes you might find interesting. Take what you need to improve your life and enjoy the important history lessons. I highly recommend this book!

Leyla Nunez
Leyla Nunez
Senior Biostatistician